I was driving with a friend on our way to town and then I noticed a terrible car accident by the side of the road and then we stopped to assist the injured victims, unfortunately the other car had a whole family and a baby had died on the scene. Little did I know that being a Good Samaritan will come with a price? In the midst of assisting the victims I was hit by another car being driven by a drunken man who was trying to evade the police. At the end I ended up in the hospital and admitted for up to six months with a broken arm and leg. The drunken man who ran over me did not stop but instead he sped off. Whilst in the hospital I was admitted in the same room with the same man I was trying to help from the wreckage and my bed was next to his. I was moved with compassion when I heard the Doctor say that there was no blood group match with the blood group of the man lying beside me and he desperately needed it to survive. I was fortunate that the injuries I sustained did not need me to be transfused. Whilst I was lying there beside him on the next bed l made a commitment that if I get well, I am going to be a blood donor even if my blood group does match his I will give just for the sake of saving another life which needs it. I imagined how more people out there who had the same fate and desperately needed blood. As soon as I was discharged and healthy I became a blood donor, I have been giving blood since 1968 and I gave my 200th donation on Thursday 9 February which is a special thing to do this valentines. Just the thought that my blood is saving someone’s life somewhere out there makes enjoy my every experience of donating blood from the very first donation. In 1985 I volunteered myself to trainee students from the medical school on their experiments on how to collect blood from a living person. They would experiment the whole donating process starting from how to put in a needle on me and it never scared me because I had gotten over the fear of needles. I am happy that my two daughters are also active donors we are so proud to be responsible citizens. I will continue giving blood until the very last donation that my body can give.